UpToParis, the international PhD programme by ESPCI: 3rd call is now open!


The ESPCI proposes a brand new international doctoral programme, UPtoPARIS, cofunded by the European Union and offering an interdisciplinary doctoral training between physics, chemistry and biology. The third call is now open: apply before March 31.

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About the programme

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Thesis proposals

Development of analytical methods for the characterization and quantitation of glycoproteins in biological samples: application to the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)

Information transmission across generations : thermodynamics and evolutionary implications

Study of YBCO based SSPDs with specific investigation through global and local measurements (STM, SGM) of the microscopic mechanism leading to hotspot formation

Transport in hydrogel foams – host mechanics and drug delivery

Hydrogel thin films : swelling and friction - Application to coatings

Upconversion colloidal Nanocrystals for Nanoscale Optically-Controlled Microwave Devices

Designing adaptable matter with DNA-coated colloidal particles

PTMomics : Microfluidics for post-translational modifications studies : application to redoxomics and glycoproteomics

New super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Topological insulators and negative index with hydro-elastic waves

Fracture dynamics in soft matter – large strain meets dissipation - a model study

Bio-inspired elastic structures for ocean wave energy conversion


additional information

Guide for applicants

This guide has been designed to help the applicant throughout his/her application to the UPto.PARIS PhD programme at ESPCI Paris.

In this document, the applicant will find all the important information concerning his/her online application and the evaluation and selection procedure.

Guide for applicants [downloadable pdf]

The UPto.PARIS partners

ESPCI PARIS and the ESPCI Paris Foundation thanks all the following partners companies and foundations for their key support and involvement in supporting the UPto.PARIS PhD programme.

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