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Régis Quélavoine, Director of Operations at European Patent Office, second largest European institution and major employer of PhDs

Régis Quélavoine, PhD in computer science and Director of Operations in Mobility and Mechatronics at the European Patent Office (EPO) answered our questions during the 2018 edition of the Crossborder Postdoctoriales organized in Luxembourg last December. In this interview, he presented the job opportunities at the EPO and gave advice for PhDs wishing to pursue a career outside public research.

From research in the public sector to consultancy in the private sector, there is only one step

Resigning from a permanent position in a research institute to land in a company: you consider that as a crazy move? Not at all, as explains Sébastien Rochette, PhD : "leaving academia is not a failure". As long as it is what you really want.

Networking or Not Working, it's up to you!

Hervé Bommelaer is an outplacement consultant at Enjeux Dirigeants. For many years, he has been assisting senior executives in their professional repositioning.


He is the author of seven books on networking, including “Trouver le bon job grâce au Réseau (Finding the right job through networking)” and “Recherche d’emploi - conseils des pros (Job Search – Advice from Professionals)” (Eyrolles).

The InnovDoc initiative by the University of Grenoble Alpes: from a PhD to working for a company

InnovDoc is a company made up of a team of doctoral students from the Grenoble Alpes University Community willing to have a corporate experience near the end of their doctorate. The long term gaol : bringing companies and research closer together by missionning doctoral candidates as experts in companies.

Read more on this initiative, as well as of the InnovDoctors, who benefited from the iniitiative...

After Doc' Social Sciences & Humanities #2

After the success of its 1st edition, a new After Doc' was organized in Paris on February 12, 2019.

It allowed almost 50 participants, PhD candidates and holders, to discover the careers of four speakers - who hold a PhD in social sciences and humanities  or hire and work with them in the private sector - and to exchange with them during an informal networking session.

Here are some highlights from this event.

How I defined my career plan step by step

Defining your career plan is never easy. It takes time, requires a lot of introspection and network. Here is the testimonial of a doctorate holder who went through different steps and many questions before finding her way.


Be the recruiter’s Christmas tree!

We are only a few days away from Christmas and your tree sits in your living room. Perhaps you had trouble deciding which tree would be best suited to your space. Indeed, choosing a tree is not an exact science and your family certainly does not have the same vision of the ideal tree as you do. Sometimes you choose a tree that doesn't look like the one you originally imagined.

All this can also happen during the recruitment process: it's time to turn yourself into the recruiter's Christmas tree!

Medical writing according to Elodie PAUWELS, PhD in genetics

Medical writer is a communication profession, accessible to people with a solid scientific background. It is therefore a "natural" option for PhDs interested in a career far from the bench, but not so far from research.

Met during a Career Afterwork, organized by the MAASCC (the career development center for scientists at Pasteur Institute), Elodie Pauwels, PhD in genetics, agreed to answer our questions. With her 5 years experience as medical writer, she shares with us her background, her experience and sheds light on this profession in this ABG interview.

L'état de l'emploi scientifique en France-Édition 2018

L’État de l’emploi scientifique 2018 correspond à une publication statistique biennale. Il rassemble des études et statistiques permettant d'éclairer les différents domaines d'activité des personnels qui relèvent de l'emploi scientifique en France. Il couvre à la fois la recherche menée dans les organismes et les établissements d'enseignement supérieur et celle réalisée en entreprise.

Being a project manager at the National Geographical Institute of Bruxelles

We met Dr Katharine Maussen when she was still doing her PhD at ULB, during a summer school in 2017. Just before being graduated with her PhD, she was recruited by the National Geographical Institute in Bruxelles. Let's have a look at her story!

Do as Jonathan Livingston the Gull did, fly on your own

Author: Bérénice Kimpe

Have you ever read "Jonathan Livingstone the Gull", Richard Bach's tale about boldness and freedom? It is the story of a seagull that is convinced that it can do something other than what it is intended to do. It will never stop pushing its limits to continue to progress and above all find its way.

Beyond a simple summer reading, Jonathan’s story is a pretty tale about personal development, as you will see.

Intelligence(s), doctorat, entrepise et société

Publié par l'ABG,  le magazine biannuel Intelligence(s) est paru de novembre 2010 à mai 2012. Retrouvez l'intégralité des archives au format PDF.

What recruiters truly have in mind

Vincent MIGNOTTE - Executive Director

Recruitment processes can differ considerably from one company to another: resumes screened by people or by computers, interviews held one-on-one or with multiple applicants/multiple interviewers, “assessment center” formats or shortlisting by a head-hunter for presentation to the company…

All you need to know before going abroad!

Do you need practical information and tips to prepare your mobility as a PhD in Europe? If you do, this is the place to be! You will find here 6 videos summarizing the main topics of our event “Researchers without borders - #EU4PHD”: recruitment process in academia and in industry, (post)doctoral funding schemes, public-private partnerships in research and their impact on career development, EU-incentives to make a mobility in Europe easier. And a bonus video for organizations interested in working with us for a new edition of this event!

Formation par la Recherche, la lettre de l'association Bernard Gregory

De mars 1982 à octobre 2003, l'Association Bernard Gregory a publié près de 80 numéros de sa lettre trimestrielle : Formation par la Recherche.

Docteurs & Co, le magazine des jeunes docteurs qui choisissent l'entreprise

Publié par l'ABG,  le magazine trimestriel Docteurs&Co est paru de mars 2004 à juin 2010.

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